A Typical Home Building Process

A Typical Home Building Process

A Typical Home Building Process

Find a Homesite

Whether in the country or in the City of Houston, Home Innovations will assist you and/or your realtor find the perfect space for your new home while considering your lifestyle and budget.

Land Acquisition

Your dreams start to take realization as you purchase your property and begin the design process.


Home Innovations will contract a reputable survey company to verify your property boundaries and to ensure the proper placement of your home.

Soil Test

A contracted laboratory will conduct a soil analysis of the area your home will occupy to determine the correct foundation engineering. Home Innovations will only build engineered and engineer-inspected concrete slabs. Your slab can range from a Post-Tension type slab to a Pier and Beam slab depending on the soil conditions of the property. Slab types can have a significant impact on the budget.

Plan Design

Home Innovations will be there at your side to design your dream home with your architect, or utilize one of our preferred architects by contacting us. We will consider your lifestyle and assist you in designing your home with proper lighting, fireplace placement, door sizes, materials, and what green building techniques you want to incorporate, to name just a few. Home Innovations will assure you get the perfect design for your dream home utilizing the materials you prefer because if you don’t LOVE it, we keep on working until you do.


Once you LOVE your plan, we’ll forward the information on to a Professional Engineer to complete the design. Home Innovations only builds 100% engineered slabs, frames, and Heating and Air Conditioning systems. And, of course, your home is Engineer Inspected to assure the very best quality.


Whether we’re building your home in the county or city, Home Innovations will acquire all the necessary permits and inspections to complete your project. We will also submit your plans to the appropriate Architectural Control Committees when necessary.

Break Ground

Once the plans are 100% complete, all permits are obtained and the land is ready, we form your foundation. We walk you through the foundation to ensure all underground utilities are properly placed and if applicable, floor plugs are in the proper locations. Of course, this is where the excitement begins!

Form Survey

Home Innovations will acquire a Form Survey to ensure the concrete slab and home location is suitable for local easements and abiding all restrictions.

Pour Your Foundation

Once all documentation and inspections are complete, we’re ready to pour your slab. This is where your home begins taking shape.


Once the slab has cured enough, we begin framing. Home Innovations takes special care in assuring our carpenters utilize every piece of lumber to minimize waste. We also have an engineer inspect the frame to ensure every discrepancy and detail has been addressed.


These are known “builder” terms for the following and, of course are inspected by a Professional Engineer to assure the very best quality:

  • Top-Out – refers to the plumbing being routed to all locations, including the Gas Lines,
  • Drain Lines, Hot/Cold Water lines as well as installation of your Water Heaters.
  • Electrical Rough-in – Refers to the electrician routing all wire inside the walls to light fixtures, plugs, security, appliances etc.
  • HVAC Rough-In – HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning are routed through the walls & Ceilings to proper locations throughout your home.


At this time we install all insulation, Home Innovations installed only Open/Closed Cell Foam Insulation to provide the most efficient home possible.

Expanding foam is up to 40% more efficient than similar-thickness fiberglass insulation.  Also, foam insulation completely seals your home from air infiltration resulting in a tighter, more efficient home.  Home Innovations provides fresh air returns on our HVAC systems to accommodate the necessity of fresh air exchanges in the home.

Pre Sheetrock Meeting

After all trades have completed their appropriate tasks, we walk through the house in detail to ensure all items are placed correctly. After all – it’s much easier to move items while you can see them than after the sheetrock is placed on the walls.


Sheetrock is placed on all applicable walls, floated (referring to the use of “Sheet Rock Mud” to smoothen seams) then sanded. Home Innovations uses only the best materials and requires the highest of standards from our contractors. Your sheetrock will be screwed instead of nailed and will have a water-resistant “Green Board” in water-prone areas. Your texture of choice is also sprayed or rolled on at this time.

Trim & Doors

Depending on your preferences, trim including baseboards, Interior Doors, Cabinets, Crown Molding and Window Sills are installed.


Your paint selections are applied to your walls, trim and cabinets. If you choose, wall paper will also be applied at this time. Home Innovations uses only Lead-Free paints in all applications, no exceptions.

Tile Flooring Install

Your tile selections are installed in applicable areas.

Countertops Installed

Your countertop selections are installed at this time, from Cultured Marble to Granite or Concrete.


All applicable trades complete their phase of the Trim-Out, including the Electrical: Service is built and plugs, fixtures, and switches are installed.

  • HVAC: Condensing units and vent covers are installed throughout the home
  • Plumbing: The plumbing fixtures you selected are installed at this time and tested.

Final Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is completed through-out the home.


The carpet is installed as one of the last items in your home.

Final Walk-Through Punch

At this time we walk through the house with a fine toothcomb to ensure every detail is addressed. After all addressed items are complete, it’s time to MOVE IN!

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